I am a freelance writer and and an educator, with a passion for history, travel and social justice.

I specialise in communicating cultural heritage to young people, and can develop engaging, inquiry based teaching and learning programs and curriculum linked resources.

My professional background includes museum education, secondary and tertiary teaching, corporate training, community liaison and public relations – although there are other tags I could go by, denoting other things I’ve been: a refugee and a migrant, a widow and an author. Property investor, waitress, foster mother, step mother, single mother, traveller… I feel blessed by rich life experiences, which fuel my passion, curiosity and my creativity.

I am a teacher and a learner in equal measure; an explorer of ideas, opportunities and experiences. I am often in wonder of our heritage, our environment and our global achievements. There is lots to celebrate. But I also see that there are many things wrong with this world; things that need to be considered, questioned and changed.

Through my words and my work, through my life journey, I aspire to leave the world a little bit better, a little more interesting than I found it.

Hence, I engage. I inspire.

I love what I do.

Contact me, and let’s talk about what we can accomplish together.


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