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Vini, vidi, boo: I came, I saw, I spoke with ghosts

There is nothing quite like the Pilbara. It’s Australia’s high-viz FIFO Mecca; a broad expense of red country dotted with mine sites, thundering road trains and sprawling pastoral stations, all sitting – sometimes uncomfortably – against a backdrop of spectacular … Continue reading

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Trekking Kokoda: seeing, hearing, feeling

The difficult part of writing about trekking in Kokoda lies in knowing where to start. To write about the track, its history and people is tricky, as each topic is tightly knitted to the other, so it is hard to know … Continue reading

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Moments that count

I tend to write about that which is on my mind the most, and of late it has been the simple joy of friendship. My musings result from a couple of great weekends away, the first with freshly made friends, … Continue reading

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No head Broome to write

Naively, I thought I would do a lot of writing this week. Four days away, all by myself. Away from the family, away from work. No appointments, no cooking, no sock pick-uping.  I had imagined myself, coffee in hand and … Continue reading

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They weren’t asked to go: Western Australia’s Chinese Anzacs

The message was clear enough: ‘If you ain’t white, don’t bother applying’. At the outbreak of World War 1, thousands of young men rallied in support of Britain and volunteered for the Australian Imperial Forces. So many men, that recruiters … Continue reading

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In shadow of the plague

Bubonic plague is something we normally associate with medieval Europe, not sunny Western Australia. And yet, at the turn of last century, the Black Death sailed onto the shores of the Swan River, and sent the young city of Fremantle … Continue reading

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It wasn’t my fault either

The new law appeared as a short notice on page 10 of the West Australian, sandwiched between a section heading and an unrelated paragraph clarifying some aspect of the Vermin Act. Aborigines in Perth – By a proclamation in the … Continue reading

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5 things we could do without

  You know, we all have ‘ways of doing stuff’. When practiced by society as a whole, these little quirks and habits become cultural norms which define who we are. Some of these are perfectly wonderful – birthday cakes and … Continue reading

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The day I gave a f***

The day I decided to foster started just like any other day. Coffee.  Drive to work. Mark assessments. Teach. Take detention duty. Somewhere around the middle of the day I was called into the principal’s office. Not because I was … Continue reading

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Pages from a history book

Oh, I know many people are bored by history and if that is you, you may as well stop reading now. But there is a tale I am compelled to mull over, an extraordinary, empowering, human story of the earliest days … Continue reading

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